The Friends of Mineralogy (FM) is an organization devoted to the advancement of serious interest in minerals and related activities. It consists of mineral collectors, professional mineralogists and curators of public and private collections. The bond uniting these people is a love of mineral specimens and a desire to spread appreciation and knowledge of minerals. FM was formed in 1970 in Tucson, Arizona. An initial project was the establishment of The Mineralogical Record. The FM has had a close and continuing association with The Mineralogical Record and with Rocks & Minerals Magazine. One of the organization's important activities has been support of the two magazines as vehicles for the preservation and dissemination of mineralogical information. This website is for the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Friends of Mineralogy



November 3-4, 2018

What a Spring for Volcano Lovers: Kilauea in Hawaii and Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala: A Study in Contrasts --  Stan Mertzman, Ph.D, Franklin & Marshall College

The Vaux Collection at Bryn Mawr College -- Maria Luisa Crawford, Ph.D, Bryn Mawr College

Fluorescent Minerals of Pennsylvania -- James Van Fleet, Bucknell University

Lead-copper-zinc mines at Audubon, Montgomery County, PA (Perkiomen and Ecton mines) -- Ronald A. Sloto, PG, West Chester University

The Hogg Mine 2018 Machine Dig – William Stevens, PG, Stephens Environmental Consulting, Inc.



Map showing symposium location and parking at F&M College (PDF)

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Most Pennsylvania Geological Survey publications are available on the web for free as PDF files!

Pennsylvania Geological Survey publications

For example, Bob Smith's "Zinc and Lead Occurrences in Pennsylvania" (M72) sold for $13.50. Now you can download the report and all of the maps as PDF files at
Zinc and Lead Occurrences in Pennsylvania

Don't forget about the online "Pennsylvania Geology"
Pennsylvania Geology

USGS announces availability of every Pennsylvania topographic map ever published. Download for free at
Historical Topographic Map Collection and they are georeferenced!

Check out the July-August 2011 issue of the Mineralogical Record (vol. 42 no. 4). It contains an excellent article on the Wood Mine in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, written by Wendell Wilson. There are several photographs of amazing brucite specimens. Also included on page 314 is a photograph from the May 2010 FM-PESA field trip to the Wood Mine. George Loud is standing on the side of a trench. Is that Arnold Mogel in the trench? Who else can we recognize in the photo?

A book on the history of the Cornwall Mines in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania was written by Bob Donley from Cornwall, Pa., and Charles Boyer, a former Cornwall miner. Charles Boyer and Robert Donley were raised in Cornwall, graduated from Cornwall High School, and have been lifelong residents of the Cornwall area. Boyer is a third-generation miner with decades of mining experience, and both Boyer and Donley have a profound interest in preserving the history of the mine and community. The images presented in Cornwall are from the collections of the authors and local residents. The book is published by Arcadia Publishing as part of their Images of America series.  The book contains many pictures of the open pit mine, the underground operations, and the community.  The book is titled "Cornwall" and is sold by Arcadia publishing at  and by and Barnes and Noble.  The ISBN number is 13978-0-7385-7465-3.